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Vorsis Fm 10 HD

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Vorsis Fm 10 HD

€ 4.995,00


De FM10-HD is de opvolger van de populaire FM5. De FM10-HD biedt een vijf-band AGC gevolgd door een tien-bands limiter. het FM-signaal keten bevat een pre-emphasis piek-en controle, als ook als referentie klasse stereo-generator. De HD-signaal keten heeft een eigen gespecialiseerde piek-controller op maat gemaakt voor de codec gebruikt FM-HD-uitzendingen.

FM10 XXL Pictures




Product Brochure (pdf)

FM-10HD Software

FM10-HD Digital Audio Processor (specs)


- High pass filter may operate in Stereo or M/S modes
- Automatic audio source failover on analog and digital audio inputs
- Separate audio input gains for analog and digital inputs
- Four band parametric equalizer
- Five band linear phase crossover with adjustable crossover points
- Exclusive five band Vorsis Multiband Dynamics Controller
- Precision ten band final limiter with distortion masked clipper
- FM output simultaneously available as AES3 and analog
- Reference-grade multiplex encoder with selectable composite clipper multiplex filter, and twin composite outputs


Vorsis Bass Management System

The Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS) circumvents bass-related distortion plaguing other broadcast audio processors. It works by monitoring program energy in different parts of the audio spectrum while manipulating the behavior of the final peak limiter. The result is increased bass impact and detail without affecting the clarity of mid and high frequency program — in fact bass detail and the clarity of higher frequency audio are enhanced by the VBMS algorithm.


Smart Stereo Enhancement

Stereo Enhancement is a common feature in audio processors t
oday. However our approach is a new technology we call Smart Stereo Enhancement. It operates in the sum and difference domain and under the management of specialized automatic level and spectral management algorithms. The result is an extremely stable ‘on-air’ stereo image that is wide, alive, exciting to listen to, and yet still natural sounding. End users have reported hearing artistically important nuances in music that were simply inaudible after being processed by competing products.

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Vorsis Fm 10 HD€ 4.995,00 
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