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Vorsis AirAura
Vorsis AirAura
€ 13.995,00

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Vorsis AirAura

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Vorsis AirAura

€ 13.995,00

Description du produit

AirAura is de nieuwste Vorsis audio processor voor FM en FM-HD en is meest krachtige tot op heden.
Uitgerust met de Final AirAura Clipper gepatenteerde "AirAura" definitieve Clipper-technologie en met de nieuwe versie van het Sweet Spot Technology (SST)Systeem en Bass Management Systeem (VBMS) algoritmen de AirAura kan moeiteloos concurrerende luidheid wordt bereikt.
Ook de AGC heeft afzonderlijk instelbare lage en hoge inter-band koppeling algoritmen
Maar deze processor kan ook zeer dynamisch klinken dit allemaal zonder de factoren die geassocieerd worden met luistervermoeidheid.
In het " Voice" gebied blijven de stemmen duidelijk open en zonder vervorming de uitgebreide real-time audio meet-en multi-mode verwerking analyse kun je monitoren via twee schermen in breedbeeld formaat.
Tevens kun je de Airaura nu ook draadloos remoten via 802.11g verbinding.
Ook kan deze Vorsis processor kan moeiteloos tegelijk 3 remote sessie actief hebben zonder enige problemen dit in tegenstelling tot andere processors die al moeite hebben met 1 sessie

AirAura XXL Pictures

De nieuwe AirAura ™ audio processor uitgerust met de gepatenteerde "AirAura" definitieve Clipper-technologie voor schoner, helderder, meer natuurlijke mid-en high-end detail zonder vlekke


New proprietary low distortion "AirAura" final clipper technology

Advanced multiband AGC/SST (Sweet Spot Technology)

Latest Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS)

Dual front panel 'widescreen' displays

Remote processor control via wired Ethernet or integrated Wi-Fi connectivity

Specialized audio analysis functions include*: 1,024 point FFT, Oscilloscope, Energy versus

Frequency, 3-D plot of spectral content vs. time, Spectral Dynamic Range (a Vorsis exclusive)

Display of AirAura's clipper distortion masking activity from the input or processed audio


'AirAura' Distortion-Managed Final Clipper

The technology utilized in our new AirAura final peak clipper does not generate the objectionable aliasing and intermodulation distortions commonly associated with less-complex clipper technology.

Similar in certain ways to our acclaimed 31-band 'Fine Grain' limiter (a Vorsis exclusive), AirAura operates in numerous frequency bands - a necessity for its ability to discern audio from distortion. The fine-grained selectivity afforded by the many bands is the only way to truly mitigate distortion. Without it, other technologies can only make a "best guess" at separating desirable audio components from undesirable distortion products.

By analyzing the audio and the distortion products created during peak control, AirAura utilizes accepted psychoacoustic principles to control distortion products and other artifacts that a listener might find objectionable. It is highly adept at minimizing intermodulation distortion, especially close-spaced difference frequency intermodulation products in the midrange of the audio spectrum where human hearing is usually the most sensitive.

During in-field beta testing listeners commented about how smooth and open mid and high frequency content sounded when processed by our new AirAura clipper. Achieving effortless competitive loudness while remaining subjectively cleaner than their usual on-air processor was never an issue during these tests. In fact, in one top-ten market we were actually asked if we could "turn it down just a little bit."


“Fine Grain” Processing

"Fine Grain" processing overcomes the limitations of previous methods of peak limiting in on-air audio processors. Using 31 frequency bands, the AirAura final limiters (one for FM, one for HD) perform precision spectral energy control without generating the artifacts associated with peak limiters with fewer bands. Operating according to accepted principles of human psychoacoustics, the action of the Fine Grain limiters goes completely unnoticed by the ear. There are absolutely no 'swishing' artifacts; just increased on-air loudness, detail, and "listenability" of the station's programming.

Sweet Spot Technology

Sweet Spot Technology (SST) has been uniquely designed by Vorsis to manage the behavior of the multiband AGC as program content density changes, something a typical broadband AGC simply cannot do. It effortlessly handles transitions between the hyper-compressed recordings of today and those of the past that have considerably more dynamic range. SST achieves uncannily natural-sounding consistency in both on-air loudness and spectral balance regardless of density variations in the incoming source material.


Vorsis Bass Management System - v2.0

The Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS) enhances bass impact without affecting the clarity of mid and high frequency program. In fact, bass detail and the clarity of higher frequency audio are actually enhanced by this powerful, innovative algorithm. With VBMS operating in conjunction with our 'Fine Grain' limiters, on-air bass has never sounded so good and so natural.

Smart Stereo Enhancement

Stereo enhancement is a standard feature on all Vorsis on-air processors and utilizes a new Vorsis technology; Smart Stereo Enhancement. Operating in the sum and difference domain and utilizing specialized spectral management algorithms it provides a smooth, natural, wide listening experience without triggering multipath effects. It delivers an extremely stable 'on-air' stereo image that's exciting to listen to. Users have reported hearing, for the very first time, artistically important nuances in familiar music that could not be heard when that material was processed by other on-air processors.

AirAura XXL Pictures



Headroom 20dB
Nominal Operating Level -20dBFS digital, +4dBu analog
Latency (FM Section) 14ms, analog in to analog out
Latency (FM Section)9.4ms, AES in to AES out
Latency (HD/DAB Section) 5.2ms, analog in to analog out
Latency (HD/DAB Section) 6.8ms, AES in to AES out


Type electronic differential
Input Impedance >10K ohm (bridging)
Optimum Source Impedance <1K ohm


Data Standard AES3 (AES/EBU)
Data Amplitude per AES3-2003 assuming minimum allowable output
signal amplitude of 2V and minimum allowable input
signal amplitude of 200mV


Gain Adjustment ±24dB in 0.5dB steps
Gain Calibration a gain control setting of 0.0 aligns an external 0dBFS signal with the AP-2000’s 0dBFS internal reference


Type automatic
Analog Fail Cause audio level below -48dBFS
Response Time 30 seconds
Digital Fail Cause 1 audio level below -48dBFS
Response Time 30 seconds
Digital Fail Cause 2 corrupted or invalid AES data
Response Time immediate


Type common to analog and digital inputs
Analog/Digital L/R Balance Range ±12dB in 0.5dB steps


Operating Modes in/out
Filter Type 4th order allpass


Auto Mono Modes off/on
Auto Mono Threshold -40.0dB to 0 dB
Auto Mono Timing program controlled


HPF Filter Class 24dB/octave Butterworth
Frequency Range 20Hz – 300Hz
HPF Insert Modes off, stereo L/R, sum/difference


Three sections of four-band parametric equalization
EQ Set 1 routable to pre- or post-5-band AGC
EQ Set 2 post-HD/DAB multi-band limiter
EQ Set 3 Parametric EQ pre/post AGC and post limiter on both FM and HD paths.
Frequency 20Hz – 20kHz
Bandwidth 0.2 – 3.0 octaves
Lift / Cut ±14.0dB pre- or post-five-band AGC
+3.0dB to -12.0dB post-HD/DAB and FM multi-band limiters


Operates in sum/difference, or matrix mode with the gain linked at AGC time constants.
Drive Gain -80.0dB to +6.0dB in 0.5dB steps
Makeup Gain Range -20.0dB to +48.0dB in 0.5dB steps
AGC/Compressor Thresholds -50dBFS to -80dBFS
AGC Threshold Backoff 0dB to -12dB
AGC Attack 50ms – 1500ms (1.5sec)
AGC Release 100ms – 7.0secs
AGC Band Coupling 0dB to -30.0dB in 0.5dB steps
Compressor Attack 3.0ms – 1000ms (1sec)
Compressor Release 20ms – 1000ms (1sec)
Ratio 1:1 – 20:1
AGC Threshold -20.0dB to -79dBFS, plus off
Gate Threshold Trim ±6dB per band
Gated Modes ooze/freeze
Gate Delay 50ms to 500ms
SST Drive +30.0dB to +40.0dB in 0.5dB steps
SST Ramp Rate 500ms – 7.0secs
SST Gate Thresh -6.0dB to -70.0dB in 0.5dB steps
SST Window Size 0dB to 12.0dB in 0.5dB steps


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Vorsis AirAura
Vorsis AirAura 1
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Vorsis AirAura€ 13.995,00 
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