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Vorsis FM4

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Vorsis FM4

€ 2.699,00

Product description

De Fm4 is uitermate geschikt voor de prijsbewuste omroep of met een kleiner budget ,maar toch het voordeel van de allernieuwste audio processing technologie willen gebruiken.
Met de FM-4 heb je alles in huis, de FM4 heeft dezelfde hulpmiddelen/ tools als zijn grotere broeders, maar met minder banden.
De FM-4 geeft zelfs de kleinste station de mogelijkheid om loud / clear te klinken met het echte Vorsis geluid.
Ook de Vorsis is uitgevoerd met de GUI LITE tool van Vorsis

XXL Pictures


FM-4 Audio Processor (Hi-Res PDF)


- Four band phase linear crossover feeding a four band limiter

- Exclusive VBMS(TM) (Vorsis Bass Management System)

- FM peak control via oversampled lookahead limiter or distortion masked clipper

- Four band full parametric equalizer

- Variable high pass filter and voice phase rotator

- Ethernet-based remote control via 100BaseT Ethernet and rear panel RJ-45

- Eight input GPI preset triggers

- AES3 digital input accepts 32kHz - 96kHz

- AES3 digital output automatically synchronizes to AES3 digital input

- Precision FM stereo MPX generator with multiplex mask filters

- 25 specially tuned Factory presets

- Gui lite setup tool

- Front panel setup and configuration menu eliminates the need for a PC during installation



For the budget-conscious broadcaster who still wants the benefit of the very latest in broadcast audio processing technology.
the FM-4 is an ideal choice. Possessing the same processing tools as its larger brethren but with fewer bands.
FM-4 gives even the smallest station the power to improve its loudness and clarity with that sought-after Vorsis sound.
Front-panel setup ability and a variety of built-in I/O make the FM-4 at home in any air chain.

What it's got

Ideal for stations looking for no-frills FM-only audio processing.
while enjoying Vorsis’ cutting edge technology, the FM-4 offers everything you need to create your signature sound.
The FM-4 gives you the out-of-the-box presets Vorsis is famous for, conveniently accessible right from the front panel.
And you can give those presets your own spin with the included VP-8 GUI Lite software.
Plus, it’s fast and easy to integrate into your station, with analog and digital I/O, an analog MPX output, an AES digital output and an SCA input.
Four limiter bands get you the performance you need at a cost you can easily afford.SUMMING IT UP.
In a word – simplicity and great sound. OK, that’s two words, but that’s all it takes to give you exactly what you need to make your FM station sound great.


The FM-4 owes its heritage to the highly successful six-mode VP-8 and re-packages and realigns many of its best features to create an FM-only processor.
That fits even the tightest of budgets but is more than competitive enough for the most demanding medium and small markets.

Vorsis Bass Management System

The Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS) circumvents bass-related distortion plaguing other broadcast audio processors.
The result is increased bass impact and detail without affecting the clarity of mid and high frequency program -- in fact bass detail and the clarity of higher frequency audio are actually enhanced by the VBMS algorithm.

Smart Stereo Enhancement

Stereo Enhancement is a common feature in audio processors today.
However our approach is a new technology we call Smart Stereo Enhancement.
Operating in the sum and difference domain within the multiband AGC and under the management of specialized automatic level and spectral management algorithms it provides a wide but extremely stable 'on-air' stereo image.
"Wide", "alive", "exciting to listen to", and "very natural sounding" are terms customers have used to describe how our enhancement method sounds.
Many users have reported hearing artistically important nuances in music that were simply inaudible when the same material was processed by competing products.



Headroom 20dB
Nominal Operating Level -20dBFS digital, +4dBu analog
Latency (FM Section)
9.2ms, analog in to analog out
9.4ms, AES in to AES out
Latency(HD/DAB Section)
5.2ms, analog in to analog out
6.8ms, AES in to AES out


Type electronic differential
Input Impedance >10K ohm (bridging)
Optimum Source Impedance <1K ohm


Data Standard AES3 (AES/EBU)
Data Amplitude per AES3-2003 assuming minimum allowable output
signal amplitude of 2V and minimum allowable input
signal amplitude of 200mV


Gain Adjustment ±24dB in 0.5dB steps
Gain Calibration a gain control setting of 0.0 aligns an external 0dBFS
signal with the AP-2000’s 0dBFS internal reference


Type automatic
Analog Fail Cause audio level below -48dBFS
Response Time 30 seconds
Digital Fail Cause 1 audio level below -48dBFS
Response Time 30 seconds
Digital Fail Cause 2 corrupted or invalid AES data
Response Time immediate


Type common to analog and digital inputs
Analog/Digital L/R Balance Range ±12dB in 0.5dB steps


Operating Modes in/out
Filter Type 4th order allpass


HPF Filter Class 24dB/octave Butterworth
Frequency Range 20Hz – 300HzHPF
Insert Modes off, stereo L/R, sum/difference


Two sections of four-band parametric equalization
EQ Set 1 routable to pre- or post-4-band AGC
EQ Set 2 post-FM limiterFrequency 20Hz – 20kHz
Bandwidth 0.2 – 3.0 octavesLift / Cut ±14.0dB pre- or post-five-band
+3.0dB to -12.0dB post-HD/DAB and FM multi-band limiters


Operates in sum/difference, or matrix mode with the gain linked at AGC time constants
Drive Gain -80.0dB to +6.0dB in 0.5dB stepsMakeup
Gain Range -20.0dB to +48.0dB in 0.5dB steps
AGC/Compressor Thresholds -50dBFS to -80dBFSAGC
Threshold Backoff 0dB to -12dB
AGC Attack 50ms – 1500ms (1.5sec)
AGC Release 100ms – 7.0secs
AGC Band Coupling 0dB to -30.0dB in 0.5dB steps
Compressor Attack 3.0ms – 1000ms (1sec)
Compressor Release 20ms – 1000ms (1sec)
Ratio 1:1 – 20:1
AGC Threshold -20.0dB to -79dBFS, plus offGate
Threshold Trim ±6dB per band
Gated Modes ooze/freeze
Gate Delay 50ms to 500ms

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Vorsis FM4€ 2.699,00 
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