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Vorsis Am 10 HD
Vorsis Am 10  HD

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Vorsis Am 10  HD

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Vorsis Am 10 HD

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Product description

De AM10-HD biedt een vijf-band AGC gevolgd door een gespecialiseerde tien band limiter en high-performance asymmetrische modulatie piek controller een algoritme dat speciaal is ontworpen voor de eisen van concurrerende AM-uitzendingen. Deze nieuwe piek controller maximaliseert AM dekking door middel van de hoogst mogelijke gemiddelde modulatie gepaard met consistente positieve piek vermogen van maximaal 200%. Selecteerbare low-pass filters zijn beschikbaar op maat van de uitgang voor de behoeften van diverse noodzakelijke regelgeving. De HD-signaal heeft een eigen gespecialiseerde multiband piek controller, die is toegesneden op de codec die is gebruikt in AM HD uitzendingen.

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AM10-HD Audio Processor (Hi-Res PDF)

AM-10 HD Software (remote software)

AM-10HD Digital Audio Processor

AN2008-07 Ten-Band Spectral Limiter with Adaptive Filter Bank and High Performance AM Audio Processing (pdf)


- Selectable all-pass filter for making voices energy more symmetrical
- Adjustable input high pass filter may operate in Stereo or M/S modes
- Automatic audio source failover on analog and digital audio inputs
- Separate audio input gains for analog and digital inputs
- Four band parametric EQ may be placed before/after multiband section
- Five band linear phase crossover with adjustable crossover points
- Advanced Distortion Masked clipper for absolute peak control
- Adjustable positive asymmetry
- LF tilt correction and dual transmitter outputs - 4.5kHz, 5kHz, 6kHz CCIR and 10kHz NRSC Lowpass filters supported
- Separate HD signal chain processing, final limiter, and digital output


Vorsis Bass Management System

The Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS) circumvents bass-related distortion plaguing other broadcast audio processors.
It works by monitoring program energy in different parts of the audio spectrum while manipulating the behavior of the final peak limiter.
The result is increased bass impact and detail without affecting the clarity of mid and high frequency program — in fact bass detail and the clarity of higher frequency audio are enhanced by the VBMS algorithm.


Smart Stereo Enhancement

Stereo Enhancement is a common feature in audio processors today.
However our approach is a new technology we call Smart Stereo Enhancement.
It operates in the sum and difference domain and under the management of specialized automatic level and spectral management algorithms.
The result is an extremely stable ‘on-air’ stereo image that is wide, alive, exciting to listen to, and yet still natural sounding.
End users have reported hearing artistically important nuances in music that were simply inaudible after being processed by competing products.

Spectral Limiter with Adaptive Filter Bank

The AM10-HD’s ten band final limiter reconfigures its crossover frequencies as the AM output low pass filter bandwidth setting is changed.
Resulting in a very powerful AM audio processor that always has ten bands of final limiting regardless of how narrow the output low pass filter is adjusted.
This results in maximum loudness and perceived quality on typical consumer AM receivers.
Likewise the five band AGC’s crossovers have been optimized so that all five bands of AGC are available, even down to a 4.5kHz output bandwidth.


System Level

Headroom: 20dB
Nominal Operating Level: -20dBFS digital
Analog Line Input

Type: Electronic Differential
Input Impedance: > 10Kohm (bridging)
Optimum Source Impedance: < 1Kohm
Digital Line Input

Data Standard: AES3 (AES/EBU)
Data Amplitude: Per AES3-2003 assuming minimum allowable
output signal amplitude of 2V and minimum
allowable input signal amplitude of 200mV
Input Gain Adjustment Ranges

Gain Adjustment: +12dB/-36dB
Gain Adjustment Increments: 0.5dB
Gain Calibration: A gain control setting of 0.0 aligns an external
0dBFS signal with the AM-10HD’s 0dBFS
internal reference

Input Failsafe

Type: Automatic
Analog Fail Cause: Audio level below -48dBFS.
Response Time: 30 seconds
Digital Fail Cause 1: Audio level below -48dBFS
Response Time: 30 seconds
Digital Fail Cause 2: Corrupted or invalid AES data
Response Time: Immediate

Audio Level Balance

Type: Common to Analog and Digital inputs
Analog/Digital L/R Balance Range: +/-12dB
Analog/Digital L/R Balance Increments: 0.5dB

Voice Symmetry Phase Rotation

Operating Modes: In/Out
Filter Type: 4th Order Allpass
High-Pass Filter

HPF Filter Class: 24dB/octave Butterworth
Frequency range: 20Hz – 300Hz
HPF Insert Modes: Off / Stereo L/R / Sum/Difference

Equalization - Two sections of four-band Parametric Equalization

EQ Set 1 – routable to pre or post-five-band AGC.
EQ Set 2 – post-AM multiband limiter.
Frequency: 20Hz – 20 kHz
Bandwidth: 0.2 – 3.0 octaves
Lift / Cut: +/- 14.0dB pre/post five band AGC
+/- 6.0dB post HD/AM multiband limiters

Five-Band AGC/Compressor

Operates in sum/difference, or ‘matrix’ mode with the gain linked at AGC time constants.
Drive Gain: OFF or -79.0dB to +6.0dB in 0.5dB steps
(1dB steps below -60dB)
Makeup Gain Range: -20.0dB to +48.0dB, 0.5dB steps
AGC/Compressor Thresholds: - 35dBFS to -65dBFS
AGC Threshold Backoff: 0dB to -12dB
AGC Attack: 50mS – 1500ms (1.5 sec)
AGC Release: 100mS – 7.0 seconds
AGC Band Coupling: 0dB to -30.0dB, 0.5dB steps
Compressor Attack: 3.0mS – 1000mS (1Sec)
Compressor Release: 20mS – 1000mS (1Sec)
Ratio: 1:1 – 20:1
AGC Threshold: -20.0dB to -79dBFS, plus off
Gate Thresh Trim: +/- 6dB per band
Gated Modes: Ooze/Hold
Gate Delay: 50mS to 500mS

Crossover Frequencies

Super Low to Low Band: 40.5 Hz to 120 Hz
Low to Low Mid Band: 149 Hz to 334 Hz
Low Mid Band to High Mid Band: 817 Hz to 1.59 kHz
High Mid Band to High Band: 2.52 kHz to 5.99 kHz
Band Output Trims, Sum: +/- 6dB
Band Output Trims, Difference: +/- 6dB

HD Output Peak Limiter

A zero-overshoot look ahead peak limiter (or clipper for non-CODEC applications) accomplishes
precision peak control for the AM-10HD’s HD output.
Overall Controls
Source: Compressor, MB Limiter, VBMS
Bandwidth: 4kHz - 16kHz, 1kHz steps, or OFF (20kHz)
HF Protect: 3kHz - 16-kHz, behavior program controlled
Ceiling: 0dB - -48dB, 0.5dB steps
HyperMono: Behavior program controlled
Lookahead Limiter Threshold Trim: +/- 6.0dB
Lookahead Limiter Attack: 0.2ms – 100ms
Lookahead Limiter Release: 33ms – 330ms
Lookahead Limiter Delayed Release: 100ms – 1000ms (1Sec)
Clip Style: Off/Round/Deep (for non-CODEC use)
HD Output Level Trim: -36.00dB to +0dB
Phase: L and R may be phase-reversed.
L and R Channels may be swapped.
Output Signal available as: AES 3-pin XLR (digital)
Stereo Analog (pair 3-pin XLR connectors)

10-Band AM Output Peak Limiter
A four band parametric EQ follows the 10 band limiter and feeds the VBMS with multiple
operating styles, then an oversampled, zero overshoot lookahead limiter or main clipper with
multiple operating styles, and then an AM diversity delay.
Overall Controls
Multiband/Drive: 0 – 100%
VBMS Drive: +/- 10.0dB
VBMS Style: Off/ Soft/ Hard
VBMS Output: +/- 10.0dB
VBMS Frequency: 60 - 300Hz
Multiband Knee: Soft/ Hard
Multiband Threshold: +/-10dB relative to Drive
Multiband Attack: 0.1ms – 1000ms (1Sec)
Multiband Release: 30ms – 1000ms (1Sec)
Pre-emphasis Modes: Off/MRSC
Pre-emphasis insert points: Pre-MB Limiter
Pre-lookahead limiter
Post-lookahead limiter (pre-clipper)
Lookahead Limiter (Threshold) Trim: +/- 6.0dB
Lookahead Limiter Attack: 0.2ms – 100ms
Lookahead Limiter Release: 33ms – 330ms
Lookahead Limiter Delayed Release: 100ms – 1000ms (1Sec)
Main AM Clipper Styles: Off/Hard/Firm/Round
Output Signal available as: Pre or post diversity delay
AES 3-pin XLR (digital), and Stereo
Analog (pair 3-pin XLR connectors)

AM Transmission Screen

Reference grade stereo encoder with embedded composite processing, test oscillator, SCA
digitizer, and balanced and unbalanced composite outputs.
Overall Controls
Test Oscillator Frequency: 25Hz - 12kHz
Test Oscillator Level: 0-100% modulation
Tilt Test: Clips test oscillator waveform at 50% amplitude
Bandwiidth: 4.5kHz, 5kHz, 6kHz, 7.5kHz, 10kHz, Full (20kHz)
Output Modes: Mono, Stereo, M/S
LF Tilt Correct Frequency: 5Hz -100Hz
LF Tilt Correct Q: 0.25 -3.00
LF Tilt Correct Level: 0.0 - +6.0dB, 0.5dB steps
HF Correction Frequency: 10kHz -20kHz
HF Correction Q: 0.25 -3.00
HF Correction Level: 0.0 - -6.0dB, 0.5dB steps
Analog Outputs
Analog 1 and/or Analog 2 Level: -79.5dB - 0.0, plus Off (0.0=+24.0dBu peak)
Phase Reversal on all outputs
Digital Output Level: -35.5dBFS - 0.0dBFS, 0.1dB steps, plus OFF
DeEmphasis Complementary to Pre-Emphasis

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