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IP88d aes digital I/O blade
IP88d aes digital I/O blade
€ 3.336,00

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Vorsis Fm 10 HD
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IP88cb console blade
IP88cb console blade
€ 3.800,00

IP88e digital engine
IP88e digital engine
€ 3.800,00

IP88a analog I/O blade
IP88a analog  I/O blade
€ 3.336,00

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IP88e digital engine

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IP88e digital engine

€ 3.800,00


Every nerve center needs a brain. The ip88e is it, handling all of the mixes from Wheatstone E-Series Console Control
Surfaces and the Wheatstone GLASS-E Virtual Console.
The ip88e BLADE houses all DSP power for an individual control surface and distributes the four stereo PGM, four stereo AUX
SEND, per-channel MIX-MINUS, monitor outputs and other bus signals to the network. Once on the network, they are available
as sources and destinations anywhere. This creates an extremely flexible system, where program outputs from one surface
can be a source on any other surface; for example a news mixer’s program bus as a source on the air studio surface. While the
ip88e doesn’t house audio I/O, it does include 12 universal logic (GPIO) ports.

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IP88e digital engine€ 3.800,00 

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